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Samson 510 Plasma Table: Load Full Sheets & Keep Cutting!

The Samson 510 CNC plasma cutting table is perfect for larger workshops that need to cut larger components, and for a wide range of industrial applications.
Its 1.5 x 3.0-metre cutting table gives you a large space to work around and the capacity to load full sheets.

Samson Table


Normally, we offer the Samson CNC table in a package that is customised to meet your needs. Our CNC packages include a Hypertherm plasma cutter, CAD/CAM software, computer, and a suite of accessories to get you up and cutting right away.

And more great news (especially if this is your first CNC plasma); the software is versatile and very easy to use…. in fact, we believe it’s the most user-friendly CNC plasma software on the market.

Scroll down for more information and videos on the various features of this table, and what you can expect from the team at Weldclass CNC plasma… or jump straight to our instant online quote to get a price.


Why consider a Samson CNC package?

  • Produce one-off parts or multiple components in your own workshop
  • Cut what you want, when you want – no more waiting for 3rd party suppliers
  • Market-leading, very user-friendly software
  • Large cutting bed fits full size sheets
  • Cutting capacity of up to 32mm thick
  • Leading 3 year warranty


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We’re not ‘just another machinery supplier’

Since 1980, Weldclass has been a dedicated supplier to the metal fabrication industry…. and for the past 10+ years we have
Specialised in CNC Plasma equipment.

We’ll happily admit that we’re not your best option for drill presses, punches or power tools.

But if you’re thinking about making the leap to CNC Plasma, we’re completely dedicated to ensuring that you a) make the right
investment, and b) get value from your machine.

CNC Plasma is our specialty!

More information on: Weldclass CNC Plasma Cutters.

Leading 3 Year Warranty, Lifetime Support, Spare Parts back up

The Samson Plasma Table package from Weldclass comes with a market-leading 3 year warranty* on the table, software
and Hypertherm plasma machine.

At Weldclass, we offer lifetime technical support, with a team of dedicated and experienced technicians available to assist
you with technical issues and questions.

And spare parts? No problem! We keep a full range of spare parts in stock in Australia, which can usually be delivered
in 1-3 days.


Click here to build your own Samson 510 package and get an instant quote.

Tried, Tested, Proven… and here to stay

Made in USA, the Samson CNC system has proven itself as a functional and reliable Plasma table for over 10 years, and is used
by thousands of operators across Australia and world-wide.

With a Samson package from Weldclass, you can be confident that you’re investing in proven reliability and back up service….
rather than some fly-by-night brand with a product that looks great on paper but has no plans to support you in the long term.


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Complete & Ready to Cut

When you buy a Samson CNC table package from Weldclass, we do all the hard work up front, so you can get up and cutting fast.
Our philosophy is to supply you with a complete package with everything you need – no hidden extras, just add electricity and
compressed air!

  • All necessary Australian plugs and leads fitted
  • We complete all interfacing & configuration with the Plasma machine
  • Computer system pre-loaded with all Software and video manual (more on this below)
  • Full kit of plasma torch consumables
  • Quick reference charts with recommended settings for different materials and thicknesses
  • Magnetic torch breakaway (more on this below)
  • Power Conditioner (more on this below)
  • Safety PPE kit

More information on: CNC Plasma Packages.

How much does a Samson CNC Plasma cost?

Samson packages start at a finance cost of around $35 per day.

The cost will depend on the package that you choose, for example the model of plasma cutter, the optional accessories
included, etc. The best way to get a price is to use our instant online quote system.

Weldclass can help with finance options, using our finance provider or yours.

And if you’re a small business, we can help you qualify for the Federal Government $30,000 tax break as well.


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Video Manual Included

With a Samson package from Weldclass, you get a Video Manual pre-loaded onto your computer. This manual is very
comprehensive and easy to watch, read and listen to.

We also include complimentary hard copy instructions, troubleshooting guides, and cutting reference charts.

This ensures that you spend your time making money with your machine; not trying to figure out how to use it effectively!


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If you can photograph it on your phone… you can cut it out with our plasma!

One of the great features of the Software that Weldclass supply with the Samson table is the ability to import photos
(or scanned images) and easily convert them to a cut file.

While some other machines offer a camera which is fixed to the table for extra cost…. with our software you use your own phone,
take it where you want & don’t pay a cent more!

The software also allows importing of drawings and images from other CAD CAM packages in format such as; DXF, Bitmap & DWG.


Click here to build your own Samson 510 package and get an instant quote.

Robust and Reliable Table Design

  • High Quality Steel construction, suitable to loading up to 32mm steel plate
  • Precision servo motors on X-Y axis for accuracy at high speeds
  • Digital height control for quality cutting and extended torch parts life
  • Programmable to automatically slow down when cutting holes and around corners for improved accuracy & cut quality
  • Designed for easy servicing
  • Drive train and electronics are protected from plasma dust and guide rollers move unobstructed
  • Moving parts are robust, without excessive weight. This facilitates fine detailed cutting and higher productivity from faster cutting speeds.
  • Gantry driven from both ends, for increased accuracy


Click here to build your own Samson 510 package and get an instant quote.

Work faster with a Desktop Computer Package

Our computer is designed to speed you up, not slow you down.

  • Generous 23-inch screen, much larger than some of the small screens found on other CNC tables
  • Keyboard and mouse controls, for efficient & precise drawing – much faster than traditional touchpad controls!
  • Pre-loaded with all necessary software and ready to start work


Click here to build your own Samson 510 package and get an instant quote.

The Plasma Cutter

If the software system provides the ‘brains’, then it’s up to the Plasma cutter to provide the ‘muscle’.

Compared to plasma hand-cutting, CNC systems are very demanding on the plasma machine…. And that’s why we stick to the world leader in plasma technology; Hypertherm!

More information here: Hypertherm Plasma machines.

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Digital Torch Height Control… better cut quality, longer parts life

  • Torch hovers a precise distance over the metal during cutting, and raises and lowers between cuts
  • Ensures optimum distance for best quality cut
  • Coupled with Pierce Height Control, this delivers outstanding cutting results and exceptional consumable life


Click here to build your own Samson 510 package and get an instant quote.

Magnetic Torch Breakaway Mount: safer, easier torch servicing

  • Standard inclusion with our Samson package
  • Magnetic mount allows the torch to snap on & off
  • Collision Safety: Instead of the torch being knocked out of alignment or damaged, the torch will simple breakaway,
    allowing quick, accurate, magnetic reattachment.
  • Fast consumable changes: No more hanging upside down, skinning knuckles and dropping parts under the table!
  • Accurate: Precision machined mount will always keep the torch square to the table… No more fiddling with tiny
    squares to align the torch


Click here to build your own Samson 510 package and get an instant quote.

Power Conditioner: protects sensitive electronics

  • Included with Samson package from Weldclass
  • Protects CNC control system from voltage fluctuations and spikes
  • Increases reliability and helps prevent damage from poor quality power or unexpected power supply issues


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High Quality Air Filter

Clean, well-filtered air is absolutely critical for a good quality cut and for reliable torch operation.

The ‘Eliminizer’ air filter that we include with the Samson CNC package is a very high quality 0.85 micron filter,
to ensure reliable cutting and to extend consumable parts life.

Compared to other filters that require regular (& costly) replacement of the filter cartridge, the Eliminizer filter is self-draining
with a long-life filter element that provides up to 6 months of service life.


Click here to build your own Samson 510 package and get an instant quote.

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Auto Nesting Software (Optional)

A CNC Plasma that saves you time and material costs? Sure thing!

The Auto Nesting Software allows you to maximise your use of the material and reduce waste significantly…
and layout multiple parts on available sheet space very quickly and easily.

For quick demo, check out this video.

More information here: Auto nesting software.

Refrigerated Air Dryer (Optional)

The ‘Elminizer’ air filter that we supply as standard certainly works a lot better than standard filters in removing moisture…
but when it comes to drying air – nothing works better than a refrigerated dryer.

More information here: Refrigerated Air Dryer.

HVAC Software (Optional)

If you plan to work with any kind of ducting for applications such as air conditioning or ventilation, this software add-on
is for you.

More information here: HVAC Software.

Engraver Attachment (Optional)

The engraving attachment allows you to engrave a variety of materials, including most metals, timber and even plastic.

Great for branding and marking components or creating art.

More information here: Engraver attachment.

Pipe Cutter Attachment (Optional)

Now, who said that Plasma tables can only cut flat sheets?

This nifty little unit is a cost-effective add-on for low-volume and one-off pipe cutting projects.

Click here for more information on Pipe Cutter attachment.


Cutting Area1,500 x 3,000mm
Table Footprint (L x W)2,090 x 3,380mm
Power Supply Requirement240V 10A (Table only)
Max Cutting Speed8,000mm per minute
Max Cutting ThicknessDepends on Plasma machine selection, models available for cutting steel up to 38mm (edge cut) or 25mm (pierce)
Warranty3 years
Table Load CapacityUp to 32mm steel plate (full sheets)
SoftwareUnique CAD/CAM all-in-one program
Digital Height ControlYes
Warranty3 years

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